Clean energy monitoring that works !

About the Energy monitor

The energy monitor was originally inspired by the open source project called 'OpenEnergy Monitor' as well as the Google project called 'Power meter' which was discontinued in 2012.

After the initial proof of concept project was done using minimal hardware, the project was taken to the next level by providing a wireless interface and remote data logging to a SQL server. Todays hardware and software are still based on some of these sound principles.

Raspberry PI chipset

The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized single-board computer developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation
The Raspberry Pi has a Broadcom BCM2835 system on a chip (SoC),which includes an ARM1176JZF-S 700 MHz processor (The firmware includes a number of "Turbo" modes so that the user can attempt overclocking, up to 1 GHz, without affecting the warranty), VideoCore IV GPU, has 512MB of RAM. It does not include a built-in hard disk or solid-state drive, but uses an SD card for booting and long-term storage.

Windows 10

The EMON redeader device runs Windows 10 to take measurements, and send it to our website. Our goal from day one was to be a device independent as possible.