Clean energy monitoring that works !


The energy monitor works by collecting data locally, and then sending it to a server. After the initial proof of concept project was done using minimal hardware, the project was taken to the next level by providing a wireless interface and remote data logging to a SQL server. Todays hardware and software are still based on some of these sound principles.


We connect via non invasive CT (Current Transfomer) sensors.
The sensor clips on your existing wires, and no cutting or changing is required. Each sensor measures a channel. Our sensors are rated as 30Amps.

Data Reader

The data reader or logger collects electric usage data from your home or business. The logger connects via your existing wirelss network.
This data is periodically transmitted to us via a secure wireless communication network.

Web site with graphs

Our portal is a web portal available to our customers who have an active subscription.
The portal is an online display that shows customers visibility of how much power their household is using on a daily basis. The web portal also provides projected costs based on current energy consumption, and allows customers to set usage goals and monitor their household's progress.