Clean energy monitoring that works !

  • Lower enegy costs through awareness

    By being aware of your energy consumption, can make you save energy. Read More

  • Realtime data analysis fast

    View and isolate problem energy usage items from the comfort of your own home. Read More

  • Zoom onto problematic items to better understand feeds.

  • Allow our smart algorithms to identify 'phantom energy'

    We can help you identify 'phantom energy' or 'standy by' power, and you could save between 5% and 20% on your bills. Read More

Why get an energy monitor ?

Energy monitoring device users, are normally more informed about their current energy usage, which results in users turning off power hungry devices..

The user receives current energy readings from a website, which results in users able to view their daily, monthly, yearly usage without doing a physical check at a meter.

Statistics are avaible as soon as the device starts to log data, which results in users being able to see upward and downward trends within minutes.

Smart energy logging devices are able to update the user remotely via SMS or email, once certain levels per day/week/month are triggered.